“My back hurts.” If you’re like most adults, you’ve uttered the previous statement at one point or another. In fact, the Consumer Reports Health Ratings Center estimates that 80 percent of adults in the US have suffered from back pain at some time in their lives.

Fortunately, the doctors at La Peer Health Systems’ Spine Center of Excellence offer relief from the pain caused by a number of back and spine-related conditions. The best way to treat your condition– and to get back to the activities you once enjoyed– is to see a spine specialist to determine to cause of your back and spine pain.

spine painBack and Spine Pain Causes

Back and spine pain can prevent you from participating in everyday activities like walking or exercising. If you’re experiencing back pain, you may be suffering from a wide range of injuries and conditions. Here are some of the most common causes of back and spine pain:

Mechanical Problems involve basic wear-and-tear of the spine and affect your ability to move the spine and back in particular ways. Common mechanical problems causing back and spine pain include disc degeneration, herniated discs, muscle spasms and muscle tension.

Injuries to the back and spine can result from something as seemingly minor as twisting the back while lifting to something as serious as a fall or car accident. Common back and spine injuries include fractures, pinched nerves and sprains, or tears in the ligaments that help hold up the spine. Back pain after an injury can be short-lived or chronic, and individuals who have suffered an injury should not hesitate to seek medical attention.

Conditions and Diseases are responsible for a great deal of the back pain experienced by adults. Conditions known to cause back and spine pain include scoliosis, arthritis, spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia and spondylolisthesis. Although not painful on its own, osteoporosis can make patients more susceptible to painful vertebrae fractures. In rare cases, tumors can also be a cause of back pain. If you’re suffering from persistent undiagnosed back or spine pain, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact the Spine Center of Excellence for a consultation.

Emotional Factors, including stress, can play a serious role in back pain, exacerbating the symptoms and impeding your body’s ability to recover. If you’re suffering from depression, anxiety or insomnia in addition to back pain, you may want to see a mental health professional to be sure these conditions are not affecting your recovery process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do I need to seek treatment for back pain and spine pain?

A: You should seek treatment for persistent back pain that affects your quality of life. Further, contact a doctor if your back pain is accompanied by any of the following symptoms: weakness, numbness or tingling in the arms and legs; numbness in the chest or belly; and loss of bladder or bowel control.

Q: What are some common treatments for back and spine pain?

A: Treatments for back and spine pain include over-the-counter pain medications, cold therapy, massage, physical therapy stretching and exercise and steroid shots. However, if you are suffering from chronic back and spine pain that doesn’t respond to other treatment options, you may need to undergo spine surgery.

Q: What are some common forms of surgery used to treat back and spine pain?

A: The doctors at the Spine Center of Excellence will meet with you to determine to best treatment options for your back and spine pain. Common surgical treatments include spinal decompression, herniated disc removal, foraminotomy and spinal fusion.

Q: Is spine surgery dangerous?

A: Every surgery comes with some amount of risk. However, the surgeons at the Spine Center of Excellence are experts in their field and offer a number of minimally invasive procedures to treat your back and spine pain.

Q: How long does it take to recovery after spine surgery?

A: Recovery after spine surgery depends on a number of factors including the patient age and health and the procedure in question. However, following your surgeon’s instructions about physical therapy and when to resume normal activities can help ensure you make a quick and complete recovery.

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The doctors at La Peer’s Spine Center of Excellence believe that no one should have to live with debilitating back pain. Identifying the underlying cause of your back or spine pain is the best way to ensure that your treatment is successful. Feel free to call us at (888) 564-1419 or contact us online for an appointment.

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