La Peer buildingAt the Spine Surgery Center of Excellence, we aim to provide the highest quality care for our patients and to promote public awareness of spine conditions and therapeutic options. To accomplish this goal, our doctors offer their support to Project Walk, a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the quality of life for people living with spinal cord injuries through recovery programs, education, support, and encouragement.

About Project Walk

The Project Walk organization was founded in 1999 after its co-founders were inspired by a life-changing rehabilitation experience with a quadriplegic client. Today, it is a world leader in the development and implementation of research, education, and training programs for spinal cord injury recovery. Thousands of people living with spinal cord injury, spanning over 20 countries and six continents, are touched by the humanitarian endeavors of Project Walk every year.

Based in a 25,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility, Project Walk provides a center for cutting-edge recovery programs and rehabilitation equipment. Original research through the organization has been published in peer-reviewed medical journals, helping to raise awareness for spinal cord injury recovery throughout the healthcare field. With the recent addition of a comprehensive online program, Project Walk enables people around the world who are living with a spinal cord injury to obtain information and guidance during the recovery process.

How to Get Involved

Project Walk’s global presence would not run nearly as smoothly without the donation of time and resources from countless individuals. There are numerous ways to get involved, including participation in rehabilitation training, fundraising walks, and donations towards research expenses. For information on Project Walk and how you can make a difference in the lives of individuals with spinal cord injury, contact our Beverly Hills office at (888) 564-1419.